The ginga is the most basic movement in capoeira, and is subsequently the basis for almost all other movement. Loosely translated to English, it means to swing.


For the purposes of this instruction, we'll start with the left foot.

  1. Start with your feet a shoulder's width apart.
  2. Move your left foot back, a good distance behind the right.
    • At the same time, your left hand should be guarding your face, and your right hand by your side
  3. Move your left foot back to position (1) and repeat for the right foot & arm

It is important to note that position (2) is intentionally vague – depending on a group's style, a player's back foot may be directly behind the front foot (forming a square), or may be more towards the middle of their ginga (forming a triangle). The movement will also look very different in a roda, as players constantly move and adjust to each other.